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Lesson One:

23rd February, 2008. 3:20 pm.

Soooo today is Jamies B-Day! And im not going to work either! So I telephoned the birthday gal, she was not in such a great mood. But I hope she has a good birthday, tonight will be fun. That biotch betta cheer the fuck up.....

Current mood: blank.

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19th February, 2008. 3:37 pm.

I tell myself now and agian not to worry things will pass. But i founc out today that I am failing writing class with a 64% but I will bring it up. My worry is my reading both lecture and lab. I need to study vocabulary and read. I cannot wait till this fucking probation is over with... I want to smoke. Im so sick of working. If im not working im at school; if im not at school im working. I want to quite Steak n' Shake. This weekend it Jhos bday i guess everyone is going to some show in ybor with a open bar? IM going to try and not go to work. since im always getting fucked when other people dont show i figure that i will do the same OKAY now I will shut the fuck up and read NOW!

Current mood: stressed.

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10th February, 2008. 11:05 am. ELLO ASSHOLES

hello assholes, i have not been to live journal in a long ass time. I dont even know who still uses this shiit. But HELLOO WORLD

Current mood: quixotic.

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17th October, 2006. 10:25 pm.

i hate change sometimes
i want my friends back
i want jho and katie back
i wish you never came into her life if you didnt have her you woudnt be much or have as big balls as you do to talk to people like that
i dont get random phone calls from jho breahing loud anymore
i wish you didnt turn into a prick
i hope we still talk
i like my new job and the people i work with
fuck walgreens
i wish i never failed eniglish III
i wish you woudn't party as much and get more and more fucked up by every person you see and people didnt know you as a uncontroable drunk/whateverelse
i wish you never were somehow attracted to me it kinda makes it awkward, people think its cute, i dont
i love how i can depend on you and you will be there
i hate how i accused you
i am allowing myself to complain on a computer real quick.

the other day i saw a squirl outside my window walking up and then turned to his side and there was a huge chunk of the side of his body missing! it looked like something bit it??? and even worse there was a fly in the side, it was nasty but he was walking fine

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23rd September, 2006. 11:26 am.

i always have these dreams with Clay, Kelly, Sam, and my other friends but I dont always remeber them. But we are always swimming in a ocean, beach, lake, or in a woodsey park and there are always alligators in these dreams. What do alligators mean? They are stuck in my head

Current mood: recumbent.

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29th August, 2006. 8:35 pm.

My birthday was fun, thank you brittany.

But tomarrow I am on my way to PA for 5 days, thats if we can get out of Fla becase of dam Ernesto. Dam you. But I am excited to see my cosins, fam, and the north; its so nice up there. Also that funk is nniiice.
downfall, missing 3 days of school! BUT my classes are kinda easy it wont be too bad catching up.... BUT tuesday will kina suck

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26th August, 2006. 1:47 am. big 1 8

so its my birthday...... i dont think any one cares as much as I do on anyone elses birthday. But I like to tell whoevers birthday it is happy birthday and tell them, and buy them or make them somthing so they enjoy that day, it hasnt been exactly mybirthday but i feel a letdown comming.
I hope that I enjoy my birthday as much as my other birthdays. you know it only happends once a year cheer me up. The other day when i picked up a black man broke down on the side of the road (riskin my life) i thought to myself before i slowly aPProached him i thought maybe just maybe if i do this GOOD DEEd then maybe i just might come with a happy exciting birthday so far its, 144 8/26/06 and i dont know im not too sadisfiesd but shit i need a positive attidtude i try hard but shit. some one find me shrooms and and for me???? and you? PLEASe? 18TH BIRTHDAY???

- THE 30TH IM going to PA for a family reuion and other shit. but im exciting i love up north, its so nice, nice weather, nice sceneary, family, i love it. its so beautiful up there, I would love to move up there but i dont think i would do good driving in snow, and i cant stAnd the 60 degree weather here around december...

Current mood: anxious.

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8th August, 2006. 9:41 pm. OMG OMG

YES FINALY I GOT A CAR! woooooooooooooooooo
+ has AC
+ you can see in front of you at night with the lights on
+ brights
+ automatic windows/locks
+ 4 door
+ good stuff nigga
+/- brittany doesnt have to pick my ass up

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8th July, 2006. 11:26 am.

i feel like ive done somthing wronge or ihave become such an asshole that no one likes me anymore. no one will bother to hang out with me... expt for 3 people and the 2 i really dont care for... maybe i smell

Current mood: blank.

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5th July, 2006. 4:23 pm. im back

I am back from PA i was there for my uncles wedding, and it was not any ordinary wedding. It was there second mairrige diffrent people. So he wanted a casual wedding, he didnt dress up, the bride had a little cowboy type dress and she shows up 30 minutes late, drunk also as they had whiskey river playing in the backround but it turned out pretty good, good people, good drunkin times with family and friends. There were some ups and downs no canada not enough money and the drive overwhelmed us on the way up my ears popped the whole time. We went to downtown Pittsberg it kinda sucked im not much a city person, i loved the country my uncle had a nice place he had about 5 achers and a quad bike and we would play music and be loud all night, it was very nice to get out of florida and its bad traffic and close houses. But honestly i missed florida, my friends, and kasey jones alot. and suprisingly we didnt get at our throats too bad.
Oh and i enjoyed my july 4th in the car :/ that kinda sucked.

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