Krista Ayn (sent_says_more) wrote,
Krista Ayn

im back

I am back from PA i was there for my uncles wedding, and it was not any ordinary wedding. It was there second mairrige diffrent people. So he wanted a casual wedding, he didnt dress up, the bride had a little cowboy type dress and she shows up 30 minutes late, drunk also as they had whiskey river playing in the backround but it turned out pretty good, good people, good drunkin times with family and friends. There were some ups and downs no canada not enough money and the drive overwhelmed us on the way up my ears popped the whole time. We went to downtown Pittsberg it kinda sucked im not much a city person, i loved the country my uncle had a nice place he had about 5 achers and a quad bike and we would play music and be loud all night, it was very nice to get out of florida and its bad traffic and close houses. But honestly i missed florida, my friends, and kasey jones alot. and suprisingly we didnt get at our throats too bad.
Oh and i enjoyed my july 4th in the car :/ that kinda sucked.
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