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so its my birthday...... i dont think any one cares as much as I do on anyone elses birthday. But I like to tell whoevers birthday it is happy birthday and tell them, and buy them or make them somthing so they enjoy that day, it hasnt been exactly mybirthday but i feel a letdown comming.
I hope that I enjoy my birthday as much as my other birthdays. you know it only happends once a year cheer me up. The other day when i picked up a black man broke down on the side of the road (riskin my life) i thought to myself before i slowly aPProached him i thought maybe just maybe if i do this GOOD DEEd then maybe i just might come with a happy exciting birthday so far its, 144 8/26/06 and i dont know im not too sadisfiesd but shit i need a positive attidtude i try hard but shit. some one find me shrooms and and for me???? and you? PLEASe? 18TH BIRTHDAY???

- THE 30TH IM going to PA for a family reuion and other shit. but im exciting i love up north, its so nice, nice weather, nice sceneary, family, i love it. its so beautiful up there, I would love to move up there but i dont think i would do good driving in snow, and i cant stAnd the 60 degree weather here around december...
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